Is Retirement The End Of Life?

Many people think retirement is relaxing in an easy chair at home after one’s active service in a job or vocation. Actually, life starts again after the so-called retirement; because it is the time when you need to re-establish your links with the old and forgotten relationships of friendship and kinship. In fact, it is after the retirement, a person has to take care of both self and spouse. The children prefer to be independent as they grow; it becomes stronger after their marriage. Life after the retirement needs more courage and tolerance to face the moments, sensitive and ever-changing. So, one need to be active after the retirement.

After the end of a career, a person has the advantages of the corpus from superannuation, rich experience, freedom, a network of friends and free time at his disposal. He can do whatever he likes. Many people tend to feel dependent on their children forgetting what they are worth. With the combined force of brain and willpower, wonders can be made to produce lasting effects on the lives of people around them. An old woman with curved back did not rely on her heirs or relatives but remained independent till her last breath. She used to rise early in the morning and fetch flowers from the market to make garlands for sale. In fact, she left a small savings to be donated to the local temple.

The shortcut to a happy retired life is to keep engaged in some activities. The avenues for staying busy are aplenty. One should choose an activity that satisfies the interests of self and other as well. The activities pursued by the majority of the senior citizens can be divided into two broad groups as Domestic and Social affairs.

Browsing the newspaper and books, cloth-washing, furniture-cleaning, walking, watching the TV, Playing with grandchildren, Helping-resolve problems and facilitating peace and happiness are major activities under the Domestic group. Attending the social and religious get-together, visiting the relatives and friends, providing consultancy to the needy, doing part-time jobs, guiding others through writing books and articles and volunteering for social services like traffic regulation and medical camps are examples for Society-related activities. Performing these actions with involvement and sincerity will be more satisfying to the self and rewarding to others.

The concept of retirement is applicable to those working in the organized sector like office, society, etc. The set of people having their own vocation or profession has no such rituals. Farmers, Politicians, Carpenters, Lawyers and Doctors remain in their trade, as long as they can. Therefore, a person enters the retirement stage only when he feels unable to maintain his status due to sickness or other factors. A sportsman is said to have retired when he keeps away from the field unable to compete anymore. The true retirement occurs when man breathes last to merge with the elements from where he came. Plan well for a happy retired life by keeping aside a part of the present income.

Effective Marketing Tips for Image Consultants

Do you struggle with getting more clients in your image consulting business?

Have you tried to advertise with no results?

You might be really good in your dressing and grooming skills. However, when running an image consultation business or any business for that matter, your priority is to find clients.

Here are 5 areas you can creatively market your services to:

1. Country Clubs

You could approach country clubs and speak to them about running a short talk or workshop for their members. Most of these clubs are already organsing workshops on lifestyle topics such as gardening, cooking, art classes and more. They might be looking at expanding their list of offerings. Hence you could approach these clubs to explore working with them.

2. Events and Exhibitions

Events and exhibitions are also great platforms for you to reach out to a large audience at any one time. Look out for relevant events and exhibitions that offer speaking spots. While you might be expected to speak for free, these platforms give you the exposure you need.

3. Preview Sessions

You can organise your own preview sessions to market your services too. Give a one-hour talk and excite your audience about how you can help them transform. You could also think about running a promotion and offer a special package for your audience to encourage sign-ups at the end of the preview session. Even if they do not sign up on the spot, preview sessions are great opportunities to build up your list potential clients whom you can continue to market to.

4. Spa and Beauty Services

You do not always have to do the marketing on your own. One great way is to partner up with businesses that share the same target audience as you. Think of the type of clients you are targeting and what businesses might have clients of similar profiles. Businesses that would make good partnerships for your image consulting services are those in the spa and beauty industry. These include hair salon, slimming centres, spa boutiques and more.

5. Clothes and Accessories Stores

Since your business also about dressing, tailors, clothing stores and even accessories boutiques would be terrific partners too. As it helps to promote their merchandise, they would be happy to partner and work with you too.

Each of the above-mentioned platforms offers you a targeted audience to help raise your profile as you reach out to potential clients. So, get in touch with them to explore working opportunities.